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“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”

Establishing a connect with our inner self, helps us to suffer less

This instant connect purifies our mind which further works to improve our health, drive away negativities from our body

Santosh Yoga In Serbia

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Welcome to Santosh Yoga

"A Normal being with complete freedom from all the distractions….Moreover in Human Identity I’m Santoshyoga"

Santosh Yoga offer complete Life in whatever Situation you are….If You seek this One Then you are Most welcome …. We offer Yoga to Every Being Including The Toughest Being That’s Human…..LOL

Santoshyoga has been spreading yoga for more than a Decade and has mostly conducted sessions in Delhi and Mumbai, Have taught many Individuals and Groups, Apart from This Most of the Easter European Region ,including Turkey , Serbia ,Bulgaria , Greece , Singapore….




Latest Events

    11 - 12th June 2016

    Swatantra Chitta

    Free yourself!! Aegina Island, Greece

    17 th june 2016

    Event at Yoga Studio Health

    Yoga Studio Health, Greece

Latest News

    22nd June 2016

    Event at Naxos Island

    Yoga Workshop at Naxos Island, Greece

    26th June 2016

    International Yoga Day

    Yoga Day Celebration in Athens Greece

Call Us: +91 9999661794