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In spite of Economic crisis and Busy life here is Europe Greece ; We have managed to participate in this beautiful event; been conducted by santosyoga Covered various important topics.

This event is really been catalytic to all of us As We have started to feel our freedom After this Program Swatantra Chitta (Free Yourself) As its been experienced by each and everyone in the participants and they eagerly waiting for the Next Visit of Santoshyoga.

This workshop was about Knowing your own self, instead of reading and studying about outer world.

I discover my inner strength Program is been really awakening for all of us ;it realizes us our own strength. All thanks to santoshyaga;who is really been stimulus.

This event had 11 participants and out of 11, 6 are teacher of yoga and they had so beautiful experience . The beauty of I trust My strength and I flow with Joy could be seen here in this workshop.

All the teachers had and awesome time with santoshyoga and Interestingly waiting for the next event.

This day of celebration was an immense joy for Santoshyoga and fellow participants because,santoshyoga was only Indian who has conducted this festival on the Topic of AHIMSA (Non Violence).

More than 22 participants from different tradition of Yoga had so much Transformed experience about the reality of Ahimsa from Santoshyoga.

  • Diet Enhancement
  • Fat Reduction
  • Align Your Mind and Body Through Breathing

  • Dhwani Yoga
  • Meditational Breathing
  • Awareness of Light
  • Prithvi Yoga
  • Power of Water
  • Excellence of Aakash
  • The Ultimate You

For two days we will leave ourseleves open to travel to new inner routes, express the spontaneous joy, to experience inner peace and serenity.

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