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Our family had been doing Yoga with Mr Santosh for last 8 years. He is a super Holistic Instructor who pushes you beyond your imagination to discover your inherent powers .

His instruction is always combined with meditation which calms you to achieve the right balance between mind and body . There is always variation in work outs which helps you use different muscle strength each time .above all he is very punctual n has peaceful aura .wushung Santosh super duper success n blissful future.

Santosh ji has been my yoga teacher for the last 10 months. It has been easy to build a relationship of trust with him as he is friendly, supportive and inspiring. He is punctual and will not cancel appointments which helps maintain discipline.

An important strength of Santosh ji is that he will listen, when I say that I have a particular issue and that the exercises need to be adapted to these issues. The other Yoga programmes that I attended were rigid and a “one size fit all ”, rather than the flexibility I enjoy with Santosh ji.

Additionally Santosh ji understands the science behind the yoga that he teaches. Every session with him is a pleasant and rewarding one and I am physically better as result.

I was at a point when going to the gym everyday had become a part of my life.It was more of something that I had do rather than I liked to do. Had been thinkingof various options to change my fitness regime,Yoga being one of them.But just the thought of Yoga made me yawn.Am more of an intense activity person so somehow just breathing and stretching didn’t appeal to me.Even though Abhishek,my husband claimed he was a Yoga person, his Yoga, till then with his Yoga teacher was limited to mild movements of body parts and breathing which wasn’t really contributing much to his fitness levels. As he was nearing forties attaining fitness levels had become a must.Heard of Santoshji from a dear friend who couldn’t stop praising him.

I am not very comfortable with telling anyone that I didn’t like their services so didn’t want to try yet another Yoga teacher with whom I would doze of mid class.On just her insistance I had my first class with Santoshji.I haven’t regretted it in four years.His session was a perfect blend of warm up,sweating it out and then a relaxing cool down with stretches, all in just 1 hour which in the long run have made me stronger than I felt when I was just gyming. My enthusaiasm for the Yoga class soon rubbed on to Abhishek and he joined me in our sessions..The knee pain which he felt was genetic was gone in a few weeks. Now sometimes he’s surprised at his own level of flexibility.The headstand(sheersh aasan) that he can perform now is a testimonial to this.

We have a lot to thank Santoshji for, including some fun Yoga and run classes in Nehru park, some counselling sessions accompanied with Yoga Nidra and some general Gyaan which we enjoy on a few Sunday mornings.

I have been suffering with lower back pain and have worked with Santoshji for about 6 months now and what a world of a difference this routine has made in my life. Santoshji is very knowledgeable and passionate about Yoga.  He gives you a holistic solution to tune your mind and body.

He is practical and works along and teaches you all the movements. He has a great outlook towards fitness and general well being. "I would recommend him anytime.”

I have known Santosh as a yoga and fitness instructor for nearly a decade, and can safely say there is no one I trust more with my physical well-being. There are many very good yoga practitioners out there, but the reason he is special is because of his ability to observe minutely and adapt. He is a thinking yoga practitioner, able to instantly modify asanas to fit each individiual's abilities and requirements. Being his student is a daily journey of discovery about practising yoga as well as ones own self. I have seldom met any physical trainer with such a deep instinctive understanding of how the human body functions combined with such sincerity and dedication to improving the health and fitness of his students.

Santosh has been teaching me now since 3 weeks twice a week and I'm already realizing the difference. He was able to detect my weak areas within a short time. Since then he is focusing on eliminating these problematic areas by applying different techniques which are really exhausting. After the workout I'm feeling relaxed, and I don't feel any tension at all. I would recommend everybody to perform a workout with Santosh a teacher, sometimes it's tough but he actively helps achieving a good balanced body.

Keep it up.

Catalytic Experience This 2 days Workshop.

It Illuminates the ways that each of us has to cross with courage and trust.

The two day workshop was a emotional take off!

I feel strong, full of energy, youth and love.

The strength of everyone of us is capable to bring us the best. Thank you for the strength, and worthiness that gave me. Be always well for us and for you. Thank You

These two days we fill ourselves with energy, joy, strength.

I feel strong, full of energy, youth and love.

Marvelous experience and opening of the soul. Thank You

For the three of you to be strong!!

and and always help others!!!

Thank You so much.

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