My dear Lovely beings, Today I am trying to address the most important issues of  our healthy life, as we all know that Even out of whole Earth 70% part is water and the same way human body is too 70% water and water is  one of the most important ingredients of life ,and if we are unable to treat this one its really very difficult to access an awesome Physical and mental life and  at this moment we are living very erratic life ,we are really in hurry for even almost 100% things,, some people are walking, standing talking working multi tasking  and  drinking Cold water so fast without any awareness, eating food fast and  Both etc.

Now at this beautiful moment of lockdown ,i hope many of us realized  that How important ourselves are  and i hope people  in future would be more aware doing all the daily live things very much with awareness , and out of this moment in LOCKDOWN, i am taking an opportunity to let you know the benefits of pots, The Pots are the hub of Energy source, because of its constructions because of its narrow bottom it reduces the surface tension of water ,which is great to cure any big ailments from Our body and because of top narrow ,you drink water slow and in results your body receives all the important minerals ,now the the Clay Pot and the other pot like Phool( Hindi word) metal is superb and effective because it helps the water to receive minerals from it and increases the quality of water and enhances the capacity of your body & mind. This is a great activity of life and if you practice this for one month you can create a robust system, which will never fall sick and increase an immense amount of  immunity .

And i feel whichever region supports COLD WATER drinking ,fast food and fast life living their Immunity is less and in this is the region i feel people are loosing their life.

Jai Ho Bharat

Jai Ho Maa

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